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Our Customers Say:

Steve Casey from Muetzel Plumbing arrived when scheduled.  He quickly accessed the problem, then gave a time and cost estimate for the repair.  He quickly went to work.  He removed the old pipe and replaced it with a new pipe.  He determined the cause of the leaky pipe.  Apparently there was a nail that had poked into the pipe and caused a small crack in the pipe.  He removed the nail.  Steve finished the job in less time than his original estimate.Steve did a complete job including cleaning up.  He was friendly and efficient.  I highly recommend Steve Casey and the entire Muetzel team.

Water was not draining normally down the kitchen sink drain.  I wasn't sure if this was a clog or if pipes were freezing somewhere due to the extreme cold.  The provider did a careful review of kitchen pipes and downstairs pipe where the water would drain and determined the problem was probably due to deposits collecting inside the old galvanized pipes.  He restored the normal drainage flow by filling the sink with water and running the disposal.  This solved the problem without snaking the pipes.  I was grateful for the very prompt response by the company and the use of a less invasive solution.  I was also educated on maintenance measures I can take to prevent deposits from building inside the pipes, for which I am also grateful.    I was only charged for a service call and was given a discount coupon towards the charge.

Muetzel Plumbing did a great job for me yesterday in my new house. We bought the house knowing that we would need to have a plumber come and correct 4 issues. Muetzel had an A rating on Angie's list, so we called. They had 2 plumbers out to the new house at 8 AM on the first day we were available. They inspected the problems we had and went out to the truck to do an estimate. They came in and the estimate was in the range I had been given by the home inspector, so we went forward with the worker. Steve and Steve (I'm not making this up) had everything they needed on the truck and were able to complete all 4 jobs at least 90 minutes faster than they estimated. They worked quickly, did a good job, were very patient with my questions and actually came in a few dollars under their estimate. This was after they found a problem I was unaware of. All in all this was a great experience and I would gladly recommend them again."Description of work: Hose-Bib Replacement, Sump-Pump Tie in, Furnace Condensation Drain replacement, Bath Tub Faucet Replacement. "

I have been using them for about 8 years and they provide excellent service. One thing I really like about them is that they're extremely clean. If I ever have a problem they are willing to come back out and fix it."Description of work: They repaired my leaking toilet.

I had a hard time finding someone to come out, Trina at Muetzel was super helpful and kind in working to get someone out to us asap! When John came out he was very professional and again, very nice, he assessed the simple thermocouple issue, told us the cost and fixed it. No fuss no muss! All terrific service and cost. Gave recommendations on preparing to replace our old water Heater - but understood that we need to nurse it along for now. He didn't try to upsell us or pressure us. Muetzel has a life-long customer in me!!"Description of work: Water Heater quick working."

They were amazing from start to finish! Showed up on time, worked very hard to avoid digging up the floor (which was quite a feat since the pipe was poorly placed about 100 years ago), and replaced the broken section cleanly with new PVC. Cleaned everything up before they left and were polite and professional throughout. I really can't praise them enough!"Description of work: They repaired/replaced a very old iron waste water pipe"

I was replacing a shower arm and the drop ear elbow broke off. I opened up drywall behind the shower to access the broken pipe. I called multiple plumbing companies. Many charge a fee just to drive to your house and provide an estimate. Muetzel Plumbing did not charge any service or travel fees. They were able to send somebody over the same day. The plumber was very nice and very professional. The estimate was fair and with an Angie's List coupon the price was very fair. I recommend Muetzel Plumbing and would definitely use them again."Description of work: Broken pipe behind shower wall"

Fabulous! They were able to get me in much quicker than expected. They were friendly and professional. I would definitely hire them again!"Description of work: Dig out roots from pipes."

As part of selling our house, we agreed to have the shut-off valve to the main floor gas fireplace replaced (rounded out) for the buyer. Upon inspection by Muetzel, it was determined that access to the area was blocked by the ceiling of the finished the basement. So an access hole was cut, only to discover that when the fireplace was installed by original owner, the gas line to the upstairs fireplace had been run incorrectly / jointly with the basement gas fireplace... The gas line routing was corrected, the valve was replaced, an access door was added & cut edges were covered with trim. Repair person was polite & friendly, answered all questions in layman's terms, and cleaned up the work area. Very good experience."Description of work: Replacement of gas fireplace shut off valve, gas line routing correction."

I would highly recommend them. They are neat, polite, and do a great job; I haven't had any issues with the furnace."Description of work: They installed a new furnace."

I used Muetzel once before about 5 years ago and was very pleased with the work they did then. Like then they responded immediately to my original contact. Then they (two members of their team) gave me a good schedule for their visit, they showed up on time and clearly explained to my wife in advance their findings and recommendations and the costs. Then they did the job and did it well. They recorded their findings and recommendations in great detail in the work order they wrote up. I really appreciated that they made a good and ultimately successful attempt to find the cell phone on their own before using the Camera method which would have cost much more and taken more time. Also I really like the new features on and the installation of my Main Pump, and the improved set up with the back up Sump Pump and now won't lose sleep worrying about it. I highly recommend Muetzel for your plumbing needs."Description of work: Located and retrieved a cell phone which had been flushed down our guest bathroom toilet and had defied snakes, etc. in my attempt to removed it on my ownInstalled a new sump pump, replaced the check valves and improved the layout of the new Main Pump and the backup Pump and the exhaust piping that is part of my system.Inspected two faucets in our Master Bath and determined they need to be replaced "

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