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Commercial Heating and Cooling

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When the HVAC or refrigeration system malfunctions in your building, the phone starts to ring with unhappy tenants and employees!  You need fast, reliable service to diagnose and trouble shoot your system.  With one call to Muetzel, our team will immediately schedule a trained technician to evaluate your system within 24 hours or sooner, if it is an emergency situation.  The Muetzels understand that the last thing you want is a technician trying to sell you new equipment every time they come out.  Therefore, we will always pursue and present repair options whenever possible.  If repair is not a viable option or cost prohibitive, then we will provide replacement options that could provide additional savings with new energy efficient equipment.  Everyone at Muetzel is committed to helping you make the best HVAC and refrigeration decisions for your property.


  • Emergency Service:  We know emergencies happen.  Day or night, 7 days a week, our team is on call to help!


  • Regular Maintenance Check-ups:  Don’t be reactive, BE PROACTIVE!  Muetzel technicians will inspect your HVAC systems, change filters and look for potential issues that could cause your system to fail during unexpected times, saving you time, money and downtime by avoiding emergency situations.


  • High Tech Heating and Cooling Systems:  New technology in heating and cooling systems has made HVAC systems more efficient, less harmful to the environment and less likely to need repairs.  Due to the cost savings that can be achieved and improved reliability of new equipment, it might be time to replace the old system with new.  Muetzel’s experts will evaluate your property and work with you to find the best, state of the art solution for your building’s needs.


  • Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV):  Is it too humid in your building?  Are you looking for options to reduce energy consumption?  Adding an ERV to your property may be the answer.  A heating and cooling system that utilizes an ERV is more energy efficient, improves humidity control and can reduce peak demand energy charges.  Contact us today to explore possible ERV solutions to your property.