Residential Heating and Cooling

Residential Heating and Cooling

Residential Heating & Cooling

Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Ventilation and Boilers


When it comes to your home, comfort is key!  At Muetzel, we know how miserable it is when your heating and air conditioning system is not working properly.  Muetzel’s team of experts will inspect your equipment to find the root of the problem and repair it quickly, so you can get back to being comfortable in your home.  If your heating and air conditioning system cannot be repaired, we will consult with you to find an optimal solution that fits your budget.  It is likely that a new furnace or air conditioner will be more energy efficient, which will save you money, while giving you the assured reliability of having a new heating and cooling system.

Our technicians are Muetzel trained professionals.  Respect for you and your home are just as important to us as the service work we are hired to perform.  We understand that the safety, security and health of your home are paramount concerns when hiring a service provider.  Know that we have taken these concerns seriously for over 50 years and we thank our customers for the trust they have placed in us.


  • No Pressure Sales:  Muetzel has been in business for over 50 years and our name and reputation are on the line every day.  No employee of Muetzel is taught, encouraged or expected to engage in high pressure sales to our customers.  All repair options are to be explored on every call.  When a repair is not appropriate or costs prohibitive, then replacement options can be presented.  We are a customer centered company; we will always listen to our customer’s concerns, accept their input and explore all options together.


  • Emergency Service:  Muetzel technicians are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, in case you have a repair that just can’t wait.


  • Routine Maintenance Check-ups:  It is important to schedule routine check-ups for your heating and cooling system to ensure it continues to operate efficiently.  We will clean your system, change your filters and look for any issues that could potentially cause a system failure down the road.  Routine maintenance check-ups are an easy and affordable way to find potential problems before they become inconvenient emergencies.  This allows you to plan for repairs and save money.
    • Safety is another key component to regular maintenance check-ups.  Our technicians will perform a computerized combustion analysis of your HVAC equipment to make sure that dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are not escaping into your home.  Rest assured that the health and wellbeing of you and your loved ones are important to us.


  • High Tech Heating and Cooling Systems:  If you have a system that has been in place for 10 years or more, you will be amazed at how technology has changed in the heating and cooling industry.  New equipment not only looks different, it is more energy efficient, less harmful to the environment, will save you money and give you more control over your comfort.


  • Thermostats, Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers:  If the humidity levels in your home are not right, then the temperature will not feel right as well.  Adding a new humidifier and dehumidifier to your system is an easy and affordable way to control humidity and improve your indoor comfort.  If you combine them with a new thermostat, you can control the temperature and humidity of your home with a single device.