Residential Drain Service

Residential Drain Service

Interior and exterior drain repairs


Clogged or leaking interior and exterior drains can create an emergency situation quickly.  Water penetrating your foundation walls or coming up and out of a floor drain, sink or toilet can flood a home and cause damage to your finishes.  If a drainage issue persists long enough, it can compromise the health and structural integrity of your home.

For a typical drain clog within the footprint of the home, a drain snake will be adequate to dislodge and break up the obstruction.  However, obstructions that are located outside of your home typically require bigger equipment.  At Muetzel, we use a high pressure water jetter instead of a drain snake for exterior backups.  We also utilize drain cameras that allow us and the customer to see the condition of the piping both before and after cleaning.

Proper exterior drainage away from the foundation/basement walls is absolutely necessary for the health and longevity of your home.  If you see moisture on your walls after a hard rain or puddling along the side of your house, you may be in need of a downspout repair and/or the installation of additional drainage lines.  Muetzel can assist you with all of your exterior drainage needs.