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When the plumbing in your commercial property malfunctions, you need help right now.  Tenants and employees are inconvenienced, health conditions are at risk, water damage can result and business can be lost.  The Muetzel team is trained to assess the job, take action, and get you back in business quickly.  Our technicians are experts in commercial properties including office buildings, warehouses, industrial spaces and retail establishments, including restaurants.  And of course, we can handle all your plumbing and HVAC needs on a new build or remodel as well.


  • Emergency Service: Seven days a week, morning, day or night, you can call us for emergency repairs.
  • Process & Plumbing Systems:  Repairs and maintenance are a part of every building, new and old.  Muetzel technicians will diagnosis what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced.  We will respond quickly and work until the project is complete.  Although not an exhaustive list, we routinely work on airlines, waterlines, gas lines, process piping, sewer and storm systems, steam and hot water lines, boilers, medical gas, chiller and condenser water, radiant heat, fixtures and pumps.
  • Drains:  Drains come in all shapes and sizes and they all clog or need repaired at some point in time.  Our technicians will arrive on site with the equipment and expertise needed to break up the clog or make the repair and get you back in business.